Havasu Falls – Hiking

Oct 2019 Hiking to Havasupai falls is one of the best trekking trip in the whole of United States. If you are reading this blog, you would definitely agree to it and would have rudimentary knowledge of Havasu Falls. Yes, Havasu falls is one of the remotest places in USA. It is famous for its… Continue reading Havasu Falls – Hiking

Hikers guide to Havasu Falls, AZ

Havasu falls is every backpackers dream. Situated at the southern border of Colorado National park, in the Supai Indian tribal reservation land, it is one of the remotest places on the Americas accessible with permit. And in the Oct 2019 I finally got my chance to hike the length of Supai Canyon. In this blog… Continue reading Hikers guide to Havasu Falls, AZ

Spain Sabores – Costa Tropical

Costa Tropical is a locally popular coastal region in Andalusia region of Spain. It is famous for the cosmopolitan culture with influence from places near and far. Costa Tropica also has beautiful beaches blessed with some warmth of sunshine, turquoise blue water, untouched pebbles and white sand. Having said that, I decided to spend a… Continue reading Spain Sabores – Costa Tropical

Spain Sabores – Granada, Andalusia

I started my “Discovery of Spain” trip from Barcelona and in 5 days I did cover Barcelona, Valencia, Mediterranean region Costa Blanca and reached Granada. Granada is a relatively laid-back city. You wont be carried away by the hustle and bustle as in the cities of Madrid or Barcelona. It lies in the valley of… Continue reading Spain Sabores – Granada, Andalusia

Spain Sabores – Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca means “White Coast” in Spanish. Costa Blanca, is the a 200 km of Mediterranean coastline in the Alicante province. It roughly extends from Denia and runs south to Alicante. This region is also popular for majestic forts build thru the coast by the rulers to protect from the invaders thru the sea. Denia… Continue reading Spain Sabores – Costa Blanca

Spain Sabores – Valencia

Travelogue on the city of Valencia

Spain Sabores – Barcelona, Catalonia

Chronicles from my trip to Spain and beautiful city of Barcelona.