Mountains are Calling…

Summer 2020, It had been few months i had traveled, and it was urging for me to get into action a road-trip. It is quite certain, the Summer in States always intrigues the people with a fascination of visiting these one of the Mountain states. Yes, we a group of friends decided take a road… Continue reading Mountains are Calling…

Trip to Hawaii – Big Island

Dec 2019. The Big Island, as rightly named, is the largest and the southern most of the islands on the state of Hawaii. It was our second location on our trip to Hawaii. We flew from Honolulu to Kona which is a 40 minute flight ride. Unlike the island of Oahu which is famous for… Continue reading Trip to Hawaii – Big Island

Books I Read – 2019

Wolfpack, Abby Wambach is a 2 time Olympic gold medalist and FIFA world cup champion, representing USA, delivers her empowering rally cry to women by sharing her experiences of failures and triumphs on the field. An inspiring book that highlights personal and professional thoughts to women to unleash individual strengths, build teams and emerge victorious.… Continue reading Books I Read – 2019

Trip to Hawaii – Oahu

Dec 2019 Its another holiday season. Me and my wife is embarked on another trip, and this time we are heading to the islands of Hawaii. Yes, the beautiful tropical islands on the Pacific Ocean, the 50th and the final state to accede to the United States, the home of Aloha, the surfers paradise, native… Continue reading Trip to Hawaii – Oahu