Sky Diving over Beloit, Wisconsin

A word of wisdom to begin with –
“If at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving definitely isn’t for you.”

And finally May 2018, I did my sky dive session, long awaited one and I am glad that I did it.

I was visiting my cousin and friends in Chicago for the long weekend. On a nice warm Sunday morning in and we happened to drive to the Sky dive center 80 miles north to the Illinois-Wisconsin border. We never thought too much about it, neither talked amongst ourselves. Either too thugged or dumb enough to understand what is going to happen. Whatever is it, we reached Great Lakes Sky diving center, did the paper work, signed the waiver, met our instructors, had a video screening, suited up and in about less than a hour we were air borne.


To be frank, I wasn’t scared. Every time I am air-borne, I fancy that I could put my head outside window and look down. Yea, it is dumb and that is why I don’t talk much, lol. I was highly excited that I could stand at the open door of an airplane at 14000 ft, and anxious to know how the Mother Earth looks direct down below. For a second or 2 before me and my instructor did the stunt move, another fancy checked.

5 seconds into the free fall.. moment of scare. And that is when that mind talking became clear to me – “how the hell did you dare agree to do this?”

60 seconds of free fall. I really couldn’t breathe for a few but knew how high the adrenaline was pumping and choking my heart. And that was my epitome feel of feeling alive. Moment of absolute bliss.


And then opened the parachute. It did work and I now I can jump again another day!


Nothing to say more about it. Sky diving is an extreme adventure sport and if you got plans, it is never late.

Just Do It!

Watch 5 minute video. Click here.

Thumbs up and Adios.

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